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Club and Member Highlights

This page contains some notable club and member achievements.

Click a link below to open the achievement. All documents on this page are in PDF format (the free Adobe Reader is required to view and print PDF files).

WSAAG Member Dave Gault has an asteroid named after him - (33748) Davegault

(4337) Arecibo discovered to be binary by WSAAG members Peter Nosworthy and Dave Gault

Precise astrometry and diameters of asteroids from occultations – a data-set of observations and their interpretation (Dave Herald, Dave Gault et al)

Tony Barry wins the 2020 IOTA Homer F. DaBoll Award

Two WSAAG and 3 Penrith Observatory members cited in paper on Saturn's moon Phoebe

Dave Gault wins a 2019 IOTA Homer F. Daboll Award

Award Winning Photographer - Ted Dobosz

Alan Plummer Clocks Up 60,000 Variable Star Observations

Seven WSAAG members cited in paper on Chariklo's rings

Dave Gault (WSAAG) and Dave Herald (CAS) Discover a New Double Star During Lunar Occultation

Seven WSAAG members cited in paper on Pluto's atmosphere

Upgrading the 30-inch Telescope at Linden Observatory

WSAAG Receives UWS Community Award 2015

Tony Barry, Dave Gault and Hristo Pavlov Publish Paper on ADVS

Tony Barry Publishes Paper on SEXTA

Verifying Timestamps of Occultation Observation Systems - SEXTA

UWS Partnership Awards 2012

IOTA-VTI - How it was Developed - Tony Barry

Hristo Pavlov wins the 2010 IOTA Homer F. DaBoll Award

Dave Gault wins the 2010 Berenice Page Medal

NACAA XXIII and TTSO2, Penrith 2008

Brett White Earns Two Nova Awards

The Evans 30inch Telescope Comes to Linden 1997-2003

Bob Evans - His Many Other Awards

Bob Evans - Winner of the 1986 Berenice Page Medal

Bob Evans - His Many Nova/Supernova Awards

Bob Evans Record Supernovae Discoveries