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Members On The Web

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  • Ted Dobosz - Flickr - A site full of awesome images of the moon, sun and the night sky.
  • Narayan Mukkavilli - Flickr - A site full of fantastic astronomical images.
  • Rob Horvat - Resources for the Southern Astronomer.
  • Charles Yendle - Charles's Astrophotography for Beginners.
  • Tony Barry - Open-source software projects, pictures of astronomy significance, and other stuff of interest.
  • David Lloyd-Jones - An interesting site with beaut images detailing David's journey into astronomy and astrophotography.
  • Peter Nosworthy - Videos about occultations and various astronomical topics from "The Wonky Astronomer".
  • Janith Perera - Astrobin - Wonderful images from this keen astrophotographer and stargazer.
  • Janith Perera - Instagram - More fabulous images from Janith.
  • Thomas Kirkpatrick - Instagram - Enthusiastic photographer who specialises in astro, landscape, aerial and music.
  • Sammy Yousef - Astronomy Masters papers, binocular astronomy on a budget, buying and modifying a Dobsonian telescope.